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Muamalat BBA Fixed Asset Financing-i (BBA)
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This financing facility operates based on Al-Bai Bithaman Ajil (BBA) contract. BBA refers to a sale with a deferred payment. Under this contract, the bank will purchase the required asset at a cost and then sell it to the Customer at a selling price (cost plus profit) on deferred payment basis at the duration and price agreed by both parties payable by fix instalment.


The selling price is fixed and agreed by both parties; i.e. Customer and the Bank will remain unchanged until the end of the payment period;
Periodical instalments (monthly / quarterly / half yearly) are determined by the selling price and the payment period;
The property ownership purchased will be under the Bank´s claim and will be handed over to the Customer upon full payment.

Enable the Customer to plan their cashflow since monthly payment is fixed throughout the financing period;
Payment period up to 15 years;
The Customer is covered by the Takaful Mortgage Plan.

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