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A contract made between a Capital Provider (Depositor) and Entrepreneur/Fund Manager (the Bank) to enable the Bank to carry out business ventures within Shariah principles. Both parties agree to share profits from the investment according to a mutually agreed ratio.

Convenient and comprehensive,
with peace-of-mind benefits

Attractive and competitive profit rates, extra long tenor and high margin of financing;
Convenient with network of branches and service centres throughout the nation;
Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT) plan for pure peace-of-mind benefits;
Flexibility of payment available at all branches.

Types of Financing

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Home Financing-i
Shophouse Financing-i
Shophouse Financing-i
Shophouse Financing-i
Land Financing-i
Land Financing-i
Application Form

Download and print the Home Financing Application Form here.

How to Apply / Documents Required

Photocopy of I/C of applicant(s)
Latest 3 months salary slips
Latest J/ EA Form
Confirmation letter from employer
Original S&P Agreement/ booking sheet / down payment receipt
Business Registration, Form 24, Form 49, Form A or B, Form D
(for self employed which ever applicable)
Latest 3 months Bank Statement
Any additional documents if required by the Bank

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