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Margin of Financing (MOF) up to 70% + MCRE
Financing of Moving Costs & Related Expenses (MCRE) i.e. MRTT/LTHT, legal fees, valuation fee & stamp duty
Financing tenure up to age of 65 years or maximum duration of 7 years;
Guaranteed peace-of-mind with competitive capped rate at 10.50%;
Financing of will writing (wasiat) services;
A Shariah-compliant land financing.
20% stamp duty remission on new facility (on the principal or primary instrument of Islamic Financing until 31 December 2015), as per Government gazette under P.U. (A) 409, Stamp Duty (Remission) (No.2)Order 2009 of Stamp Act 1949.
100% stamp duty waiver on redemption (for refinancing from conventional to Islamic Financing facility), as per Government gazette under P.A.(A) 376/2010, Stamp Duty (Remission) Order 2010 of Stamp Act 1949.
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Application Form

Download and print the Home Financing Application Form here.

How to Apply / Documents Required

Photocopy of I/C of applicant(s)
Latest 3 months salary slips
Latest J/ EA Form
Confirmation letter from employer
Original S&P Agreement/ booking sheet / down payment receipt
Business Registration, Form 24, Form 49, Form A or B, Form D
(for self employed which ever applicable)
Latest 3 months Bank Statement
Any additional documents if required by the Bank

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