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as-Salihin Islamic Estate Planning

A trust company incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 and registered under Trust Companies Act 1949. as-Salihin was established to meet the needs of Muslims to preserve, protect, and distribute their assets for the benefit of their loved ones once they depart for the hereafter. as-Salihin aims to provide full range of services relative to estate planning in a manner based strictly on the Syariah.

Services provided

Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement;
Pri-Hibah (Declaration of Hibah);
Pri-Emas (Golden Age Trust)
Pri-TI (Takaful/Insurance Trust);
Islamic estate Administration;
Pri-Warisan (Estate Administration Package).;

Why as-Salihin

Perpetual Existence and Continuity;
Accountability and Impartiality;
Professionalism and Competence;
Exemption from Administration Bond;
Expedite Legal Process.

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