The bank charges, fees and commissions for services provided by Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad

TransactionType Of ChargesAmount
1Replacement of lost passbookStamping duty on Letter of Indemnity10.00
Service charge (sending LI for stamping)5.00
Service charge on replacement of passbook5.00
2Replacement of mutilated / spoilt / passbookService charge5.00
3Closing of account for account opened less than 3 months. (closure over the counter by customer)Service charge10.00 (per account) or the available balance, whichever is lower
4Savings Account Statement Request via ATM (for the last 5 transactions only)Service charge0.50
5Transaction History/Ad-hoc statement through counterService charge1.00 per page
6Savings Account Statement Request (printed from Monarch COLD report system)Service charge

10.00 per request (individual)

2.00 per request (non-individual)

Note :
  • Maximum 10 pages.
  • Subsequent page, 1.00 per page
TransactionType Of ChargesAmount
1Dishonoured Cheque
1.1Insufficient fundService charge100.00
1.2Technical reasons within the drawer's controlService charge10.00
1.3Post-dated cheques Returned (on depositor)Service charge10.00
1.4Honouring pending chequesService charge50.00 per cheque on cheque pending items to be covered only
2Stop PaymentService charge
2.1Instruction for stop chequesService charge10.00 per leaf
2.2Lost/misplaced/ stolen cheque book with Police ReportService charge10.00 per instruction
2.3Upon presentation of stop payment cheque
2.3.1If sufficient fundService charge10.00 per cheque
2.3.2If insufficient fundService charge100.00 per cheque
3Issuance of cheque bookStamp duty0.15 per cheque leaf
4Issuance of chequeService charge0.50 per cheque leaf
5Cheque ImageService charge10.00 per image
6Opening of Accounta) Search Fees at the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) / Business / SocietiesWaived
b) CTOS search feeWaived
7Manual Closing of Account (Feb to June / Aug to Dec)Half Yearly Service Charge10.00
8Closing of Account
Opened less than 3 months (Closure over the counter by Customer)
Service charge20.00 (per account) or available balance whichever is lower
9Encashment of Third Party Cheque over CounterService charge2.00 if amount is less than 10,000

Note :

  1. To be charged to drawer (account holder)
  2. For non individual account, no service charge is imposed if Letter of Authorisation is produced for encashment to authorised representative
Service charge5.00 if amount is equal or more than 10,000
10Reproducing of additional Current Account statement
10.1 Current account statement request (printed from Monarch COLD report system)Service charge10.00 per request (individual)

20.00 per request (non-individual)
  • Maximum 10 pages
  • Subsequent page, RM 1.00 per page
  • 10.2Transaction History/Ad-hoc statement through counterService Charge1.00 per page
    11Cheque Book CollectionCourier Charge
    1. West Malaysia: 5.50
    2. East Malaysia: 12.50
    12Half-yearly service feeAll accounts with an average balance of less than RM 1,00010.00 For each half year in June/December
    Transaction Type Of Charges Amount
    1Replacement (Lost of FTA-i receipt)Stamp duty on Letter of Indemnity10.00
    Service charge (sending LI for stamping)5.00

    Note : Applicable for FTA-i certificate before Deposit/Renewal Acknowledgement Slip (DRAS) was implemented

    TransactionType Of ChargesAmount
    1Inter-Branch TransferService Charge10.00 Transfer amount from RM10,000 and above
    2Salary CreditingService charge2.00 per Account
    3Returned Cheques
    • Customer to collect the returned cheque from branches
    Service chargeWaived
    • Sent to customer
    Corurier ChargeActual courier charge
    4Wire Charges
    Note: Chargeable if does not involve internal risk management process undertaken by branch on customers
    Service ChargeMinimum 5.00
    5Tabung HajiService Charge0.60 per transaction
    6ZakatService ChargeWaived
    7Coins deposit - IndividualService ChargeWaived
    8Bulk deposits - Non-individual
    a.Cash Note Deposit
  • First 1000 pieces (1 bundle)
  • Subsequent 100 pieces
  • Service Charge
    b.Coins Deposit
  • Below RM 500
  • RM 500 - RM 1000
  • Above RM 1000
  • Service Charge
    9Exchange of Coins to Notes & Vice versa – Non Individual
  • First RM 100
  • Subsequent RM 100
  • 1 bag
  • Service Charge
    8.00 per bag
    10Court’s Deposit in the form of FTA-i/SAService Charge15.00
    11Endorsement on the status of customer’s account to be attached with tender submissionService Charge20.00
    12Confirmation on authorized signatories on cheque issued by company for renewal of PKK (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor) LicenseService Charge20.00
    13Audit Confirmation Letter per issuanceService Charge25.00
    14Yearly Dormant ChargesService Charge10.00
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