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Commercial Property Financing (CPF)

Commercial Property Financing (CPF) is a financing package based on Shariah concept of Tawarruq with combination of Property Financing-i Tawarruq & MCash-i products. This product packaged is designed to cater for finance/refinancing the purchase of business premises and to provide cash financing to customer for Business Banking and SME Retail Business.



  • The Bank at its discretion may grant Ibra´ or rebate on any unutilised financing amount.
  • The Ta’widh (compensation) amount shall not be compounded on the overdue instalment or outstanding principal amount.


Financing Limit

  1. Package A: RM500,000 to RM5.0 million
  2. Package B: RM300,000 to RM499,999
  3. Package C: RM150,000 t0 RM299,999

Note: The above packages will be differentiated based on the property value and the pricing capped up to RM5.0 million per customer.

Margin of Financing (MOF)

Maximum up to 105% against Open Market Value (OMV) or Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) (whichever is lower):

By Products Maximum MOF
Property Financing-i90%
MCash-i10% or up to RM1.0mil
Moving Cost & Related Expenses (MCRE)*5%


    • Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful & Credit Level Term Takaful
  • Legal Cost
  • Valuation Cost

Tenure of Financing

  1. Property Financing-i: Maximum up to 15 years
  2. MCash-i: Up to 5 years with option to renew and subject to periodic review.

Profit Rate

Property Financing-i:

  • Package A: BFR – 2.00%
  • Package B: BFR – 1.90%
  • Package C: BFR – 1.80%

MCash-i: BFR + 1.75%

Note: Rate reduction of 0.1% is entitled for Customer who opts for MRTT.

  • To address the property and expansion needs of business;
  • To realize the Government aspiration on the SME needs for better funding mechanism and assistance to optimise the business contribution to the economy.
Target Costumers
    New and existing customer of the Bank under Business Banking and SME Retail Business segments subject to the following conditions:

  • Minimum 3 years in related business operation* ;
  • No adverse remarks on CTOS;
  • No adverse remarks on CCRIS;
Fees & Charges
  • Processing Fee : Waived
  • Brokerage Fee: 50% of brokerage fee via Bursa. The
    fee is RM15.00 per million (not applicable for SME
    Retail Business customers)
  • Stamp Duty (as per the Stamp Duty Act 1949
    (Revised 1989): Ad valorem stamp duty shall be
    borne by customer.
  • 20% of stamp duty remission for principal document
    based on Shariah principles.


PDS Commercial Property Financing (CPF)

Download here

PDS Term Financing-i (Tawarruq)

Download here


*Submission of latest past 3 years Audited Account is compulsory
*Latest audited account shall not exceed 12 months from the date of application

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