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Trade Finance
Murabahah Working Capital Financing-i (MWCF)
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Al-Murabahah is a "cost-plus" sale contract. It is a facility granted to customers for financing their short term working capital requirement by way of lump sum deferred payment cost plus profit.


The cost must be revealed;
The price and tenure of the lump-sum deferred payment must be agreed upon by the Bank and the customer;
The Bank appoints customer as an agent (Al-Wakalah) to purchase on its behalf;
Marginal deposit may be imposed;
Trade transactions for sight (D/P) only are allowed;
Financing for item of saleable value; e.g. purchase of stock and inventories, spares and replacements, semi-finished goods and raw materials.


Advance made by the Bank on behalf of buyer to pay the seller;
Buyer pays the Bank on deferred payment term.

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