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Islamic Capital Market
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The Investment Account Platform (IAP) launched by Bank Negara Malaysia on 17 February 2016 is a multi-bank platform that facilitates chanelling of funds from investors to finance viable ventures. Funds mobilised via IAP are intermediated by participating Islamic banks through investment account (IA) products.

IAP allows investors to view and choose from a wide range of ventures sponsored by different Islamic banks for the investors to invest in. With IAP in place, several key functions of Islamic banks in managing IA are embedded within its system, thus enabling IA products to be delivered in an efficient and seamless manner.

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How it works?
Islamic Capital Market
Key Features of IAP
An avenue for Shariah-compliant investment and financing
Transactions regulated by the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA) and Development Financial Institutions Act 2002 (DFIA)
Credit assessment and screening on the listed ventures by participating Islamic banks
Ratings on the listed ventures by a reputable rating agency
Compliance to disclosure standard on ventures facilitate investors’ informed decision making
User friendly and easily accessible anywhere, anytime
Open to different types of business and ventures of varying size and industries
What is IA and how it relates to IAP?
IA is a recent product offering by Islamic banks that provides investors with an opportunity to directly invest and share the profits from Shariah-compliant investment activities. Islamic banks undertake significant roles in IA transactions in intermediating funds from investors.


Roles of Islamic banks in operationalising IA?
Islamic Capital Market
Key features of IA
Investors can specify where funds are channelled to (i.e. choice of underlying ventures to invest in)
IA represents the contractual relationship between the investors and the Islamic banks
Investors may define investment mandate and eligibility criteria for the financing (e.g. investment tenure and types of industry) to Islamic banks
Returns of IA are based on the performance of underlying ventures (i.e. Islamic banks will enter into a different contractual relationship with venture owners)
Similar to other investments in the market, funds placed under IA are not capital protected. IA is not guaranteed by PIDM
Why Should I Invest In IAP?
Potential high returns: Under IA, returns to investors are based on performance of the underlying ventures that they choose to invest in. Possible upside returns may be generated from the profit of debt-based financing under a broader set of credit criteria and more efficient capital and liquidity management strategies of Islamic banks in offering equity-based financing structures. 
Bank-intermediated: Islamic banks undertake significant roles in intermediating investors’ funds including filtering of viable ventures, conducting suitability assessment on individual investors and continuous performance monitoring of underlying ventures.
Independent rating on ventures: Performed by a professional rating agency with extensive experience in rating of financial instruments, facilitating informed decision making by investors.
Broader choices: Investors can filter the ventures listed based on their desired criteria. This is especially useful to investors with specific investment mandates.
User friendly: IAP is a platform that is accessible anywhere, anytime, with some processes conducted online.


Simple steps for investment
Islamic Capital Market
Independent Rating on Ventures
What does credit rating mean?

Credit rating reflects opinions on the capacity and willingness of a venture to meet the payment of capital and expected returns on a full and timely basis from the perspective of the rating agency.

While credit ratings can be used as a reference to gauge an appropriate level of returns considering the risks involved, it is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold investment, and does not signify any measure to define good or bad ventures.  

Why is credit rating necessary?
Before ventures are listed on IAP, they will be independently reviewed and assigned a credit rating by a professional rating agency. This credit rating is to assist potential investors in making informed investment decisions. For institutional investors, a credit rating is useful in monitoring compliance with their respective internal risk limitations. 
A Success Story – Completed Deal
Project Transit was the first venture listed on the Investment Account Platform
The investment in Project Transit are utilised for funding of a Term Financing (Tawarruq) facility to Perak Transit Berhad, an integrated transportation terminal and public transportation services provider
BMMB acted as the Sponsoring Bank and Underwriter for the Investment
Investment was fully subscribed by investors due to its’ competitive returns averaging of >6.0%
As of to date, the investors promptly received their quarterly payments on principal and profit

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