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SME Deposit

Whether you’re starting out or an established business, we can help you manage your business.
Available fund for SMEs

Hot Seat Current Account

Current Account

Hot Seat Current Account is to provide a convenient and flexible banking solution for individuals or businesses.

SME Business
Up to 1.75% profit rate
*Min balance in CA-RM300K
Commercial Entity
Up to OPS-0.25%
effective profit rate @2.50%
*Min balance in CA-RM500K

e-Payment Services

Muamalat e-Pos Terminal

Corporate Internet Banking (iBiz Muamalat), DuitNow QR and ePos Terminal is to provide businesses with a secure and efficient online platform for managing their banking and financial transactions.

Corporate Internet Banking
(iBiz Muamalat)
DuitNow QR
ePos Terminal

MICRO Financing

Micro Financing

Provide relief and support recovery for SMEs in the services sector affected by reintroduction of containment measures since June 2020. microfinancing offers numerous benefits, it is essential to ensure responsible lending practices, client protection, and the sustainability of microfinance institutions to maximize positive impacts and avoid potential risks.

Facility up to RM75K
Tenor up to 7 years
Availability until 30 June 2023
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