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SME Financing

Whether you’re starting out or an established business, we can help you manage your business.
Available fund for SMEs

Penjana Tourism Financing

Penjana Tourism

Penjana Tourism Financing (PTF) provide financial support to small and medium-sized tourism businesses in Malaysia affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. PTF help businesses to recover, preserve jobs, and stimulate growth in the tourism sector.

Financing Limit
SME Up to RM500,000/
Micro Enterprise Up to RM75,000
Up to 5 Years+
6 Months Moratorium


Proton Dealer Financing Program

Proton Dealer Financing

Proton Dealer Financing provides financial support to authorized Proton dealers, helping them with their operational and financial needs to promote and sell Proton vehicles. The program aims to support the growth and sustainability of dealerships and contribute to the success of Proton as a brand.

Financing Limit
MCash Invoice Up to RM1 million
Trade Facility Murabahah
Working Capital:
Financing (MWCF) Up to RM500,000
Financing Rate
BFR+2% p.a monthly

PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme

Pemulih Government

PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme provides financial institutions with a guarantee, encouraging them to offer affordable financing to businesses affected by COVID-19. This support aims to help businesses in recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

Financing Limit
Up to RM10,000,000
*Sole Prop & Partnership – Up to RM500,000
Financing Tenure
Up to 7 years for Term
Up to 5 years for Mcash
Financing Rate
From BFR+2% per annum

Commercial Property Financing (CPF)

Commercial Property Financing (CPF) specifically designed to assist. It enables SMEs to secure the necessary funds to purchase or develop properties such as office spaces, retail shops, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities.

Financing Term
Up to 25 years/ Mcash – Up to 5 years (with annual review)
Financing Rate
Property financing–Up to BFR minus (-)1.8%
Mcash–Minimum BFR plus (+)1.75%
Financing Size
Up to RM5 Million

Teraju Bumiputera Supply Chain Healthcare

Business Teraju Bumiputra Supply

Teraju Bumiputera Supply Chain Healthcare (BSC Healthcare) is to promote and enhance the participation of Bumiputera (ethnic Malay and other indigenous groups in Malaysia) entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector supply chain.

Financing Term
Up to 7 years
Financing Size
From RM500,000 up to RM5 Million
Profit Margin
Fixed at 5.00% p.a. – 5.25% p.a.

Vendor Financing Program (VFP)/Contract Financing

Vendor Financing

The objective of a Vendor Financing Program (VFP) or Contract Financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is to provide financial support and flexibility to SMEs in fulfilling contracts or purchase orders from their customers or clients.

Financing Term
Maximum period of three 3 years
Financing Size
Value / Size of the project reasonably within the mean and capacity of the customer to undertake
Profit Margin
MCash (invoice) – average rating is BFR + 2%/
LC – Minimum commission of 0.1% per month/BG – Minimum commission of 0.125% per month (min.RM200)
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