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Murabahah Working Capital Financing-i (MWCF)
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MWCF-i is a facility granted to BMMB client (buyer) to finance their purchase of trading goods which include raw materials, semi-finished (cost-plus profit) with the client. Murabahah is a "cost-plus profit" sale contract. It is a facility granted to customers for financing their short term working capital requirement by way of lump sum deferred payment cost plus profit.


Advance made by the BMMB on behalf of its client (buyer) to pay the seller
Client pays BMMB on deferred payment term
Immediate payment to the seller(documents received in order before cut-off time)
Rebate may be given on early settlement


The cost must be revealed
The price and tenure of the lump-sum deferred payment must be agreed upon by BMMB and the client
BMMB appoints its client as an agent (Wakil) to purchase on its behalf
Marginal deposit may be imposed
Trade transactions on cash term (sight or D/P) only are allowed
Financing for item of saleable value; e.g. purchase of stock and inventories, spares and replacements, semi-finished goods and raw materials
The minimum amount of financing is RM5,000.00
The minimum tenor is for 30 days

Documents Required

The documents required for creating MWCF are:

MWCF Contract Note
Al-Murabahah Working Capital Financing Letter
Bill of Exchange (duly accepted by the customer)
Commercial Documents (Invoice and Transport Documents
Other supporting documents

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