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Al-Mudharabah General Investment Account (GIA)
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* Eligible for protection by PIDM

Short Term Account-i (STA-i) is a Shariah compliant term deposit product under the Shariah concept of Tawarruq whereby specific commodities of Shariah compliant are used as underlying assets for sale and purchase transactions. In general, the transaction involves the buying of a commodity by a purchaser from the original seller and the commodity is then sold for cash to a third party to gain cash. In addition, the customer’s deposit is invested in the buying and selling of commodity (e.g. Crude Palm Oil) done by the Bank (who acts as purchasing agent on behalf of customer or any relevant acts pursuant to the commodity transaction).


Certificate based;
  • Minimum-1 day
  • Maximum-1 year
Minimum Placement Amount of RM100,000.


Profit Rate is fixed and determined upfront upon placement.
Flexible tenure.
  Target Customers

Corporate customers;
Government departments, companies, associations and co-operatives;

How to Apply

Application to be made via Money Market Section, Treasury Division.
Complete the relevant application form;
To tender relevant documents as stated in the Bank’s policy.

*Terms and conditions apply

1 Offering of profit payment option of advance shall be notified afterwards.
2 same as note 1 above.

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