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Bank Negara Monetary Notes-i (BNMN-i)
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BNMN-i are Islamic securities issued by Bank Negara Malaysia replacing the existing Bank Negara Negotiable Notes (BNNN) for purposes of managing liquidity in the Islamic financial market;
The instruments are issued using Islamic principles which are deemed acceptable to Shariah requirement;
BNMN-i are issued based on a discounted or a coupon-bearing basis depending on investors' demand;
Discount-based BNMN-i can be traded using the same market convention as the existing BNNN and Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills (MITB) while the profit-based BNMN-i adopt the market convention of Government Investment Issues (GII);
The tenors issued are between 21 days to 1 year;
Zero credit risk is assigned as it is issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.

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