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Ar-Rahnu Prestige, Islamic Pawn Broking (Tawarruq)

Ar-Rahnu Prestige package is for high-end customer specifically those customers who requires fast cash or working capital. It is a case to case approval

Applicant Eligibility

  • Open to all Malaysian citizens and Permanent Residents, aged 18 and above
  • Not declared a bankrupt
  • Existing customer minimum 6-month Ar-Rahnu financing record with BMMB
  • Existing customer with a good track record i.e. No Ar-Rahnu auction record, No adverse record on CCRIS and CTOS
  • Customer required to proof the capability of repayment with additional supporting documents i.e. Bank Statement, other additional income from business activities i.e. or any other relevant documents that may be required by the Bank.


  • Ar-Rahnu financing up to RM1 million per customer
  • Fully-Shariah compliant product
  • Free from Riba’ (usury) and Gharar (uncertainty)
  • Fixed Profit Rate on the financing amount
  • No early redemption charges
  • High margin of advance
  • Fast, easy and secure
  • Gold cleaning service
  • All branches can accept the gold bullion for pawning without opening the seal.

Financing Limit

  • Maximum financing amount up RM1,000,000 per customer

Acceptable Gold Collaterals

  • Gold/jewellery (without precious stone) of standards 750, 835, 875, 916, 950 and 999. Click Here for the list of branches.
  • Accept all types of gold bars/bars/coins/ wafers of standards 916, 950 and 999 from all goldsmiths, institutions, authorized distributors except those blacklisted by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), “Consumer Alert”, “Fraud Alert” and “SC Security Alert”.
  • Muamalat Gold-i account (minimum allowable transaction is 10 grams and with multiple of every 10 grams i.e. 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams).

Please click the following links for further details:

Pawn Duration (Tenure of Financing)

  • 18 months,  subject to profit servicing to be paid every 6 months.

Profit Rate

  • 18 months,  subject to 11.25% p.a. on the margin of financing or 0.9375% monthly.


  • Payment for profit-servicing and financing can be made at our branches, ATM, CDM and Internet Banking.

Pawn Redemption

  • Redemption can be done in deferred or lump sum payment before or upon maturity.

How To Apply

  • Customer are required to visit our nearest branch to apply.
  • Bring along your original identification card (NRIC).
  • Fill up the Ar-Rahnu PRESTIGE application form.
  • Approval will take 1 week (7 days).
  • Once approved. Respective Branch will notify the applicant.

*Download below form and visit our nearest branch.


PDS Ar Rahnu Tawarruq

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