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BMMB Debit Card-i will be linked to Savings or Current Account (“CASA”) under concept/contract of Tawarruq and/or any other concept/contract of CASA approved by the Bank, whereby the transacted amount will be deducted/debited directly from the designated CASA account.

BMMB Debit Card-i is purely Shariah contract based debit card to be offered to Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia.
BMMB Debit Card-i is a payment instrument which allows payment for the goods and/or services purchased at the participating retail and service outlets via debit card which will be deducted directly from your deposit account.
BMMB Debit Card-i is the new cash that lets you enjoy cashless transactions. Present the card when you shop, and the amount will be drawn from your designated savings or current account to settle the purchase. BMMB Debit Card-i is great for all kinds of purchases, be it petrol, groceries, food & beverage, online shopping and even monthly setup of auto-debit to pay for utility bills.

*To understand more about the Debit Card-i, please refer to the PDS and T&C as per below:
Term & Conditions - Debit Card-i
Term & Conditions - Platinum Debit Card-i
Product Disclosure Sheet
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