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SMART Mortgage Solution

We have SMART Solution for your Debt settlement and financial needs.

    Why you should refinance with our SMART MORTGAGE SOLUTION plan:

  • Improve cashflow management via debt consolidation and settlement of credit card,
    personal and other sundry financing/loans, etc.
  • Capitalise on the property’s capital appreciate value.
  • Cost savings via lower monthly installment with low, competitive and affordable financing rates.
  • Extra cash for renovation, investment, education, medical, holiday, Umrah and business
    working capital, etc.
  • 100% stamp duty exempted for fully settlement/redemption (coversion from conventional to islamic
    financing) as federal government gazette P.A(A)376/2010, Stamp Duty (Remission) Order 2010
    Stamp Act 1949.

Current Market Value

= RM390, 000

Financing (90% margin x RM 390, 000)

= RM350, 000 (A)

Outstanding Balance with Existing Bank*

= RM250, 000 (B)

Extra Cash for Personal Consumption**

= RM100, 000 (A-B)


* Assumed as equivalent to full settlement sum
** Will be directly credited into your Bank account for your personal use

Let us help you calculate!
Muamalat Calculator
Financing Amount (RM)
Profit Rate
Installment period (years)
Monthly Payment

M.O.F: Up to 90% on SPA or MV / Tenure: 35 Years or Age 70

Note: Capped (ceiling) rate: 10.50%, Indicative monthly installments only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Sila klik  sini untuk lihat margin pembiayaan sehingga 90% / Tempoh Pembiayaan Sehingga 35 Tahun Atau Umur 70 Tahun


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