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i-Muamalat Service is available to all Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd Debit card holders with individual Savings and Current accounts. Visit to register and login. For Mobile Banking Application, kindly install i-Muamalat Mobile on Google Play Store (for Android user) or Application Store for IOS user.

i-Muamalat Features
Account Summary
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transaction History
Fund Transfer
  • Own Account Transfer
  • 3rd Party Account Transfer (BMMB Account)
  • Interbank GIRO Transfer (IBG)
  • Instant Transfer
  • DuitNow
  • *Credit Card Payment
  • *Transfer To Favourite
*Standing instruction
  • Own accounts
  • 3rd Party Account Transfer (BMMB Account)
  • Financing Accounts
  • Bill Payments, Others Payments, JomPAY
  • Interbank GIRO Transfer (IBG)
  • Instant Transfer
  • DuitNow
Financing Repayment
  • Own Financing Repayment
  • 3rd Party Financing Repayment
  • Redraw Financing
Payments/Prepaid Reload
  • Bill Payment
  • Other Payment (Tabung Haji, Wakaf, Zakat)
  • *EPF Payment
  • Prepaid Reload
  • JomPAY
  • eFPX
  • *Payments to Favourite
Cheque Book Management Cheque Status Inquiry (applicable for individual account only)
*Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) Remittance
*Online Applications
  • CASA Applications Listings
  • Gold-i Applications
  • Financing Applications
  • Account Opening Applications Listings
*Gold-i Transaction
  • Buy Gold
  • Sell Gold
  • Transfer Gold
  • Convert Gold
  • Gold-i Automated Fund Transfer
  • Favourite Gold-i Account
*FTA-i Transactions
  • FTA-i Placement
  • FTA-i Withdrawal/Upliftment
  • FTA-i Maintenance
  • DuitNow QR (on Mobile Banking Application)
*Auto Zakat MaintenanceAuto Zakat Deduction

*Not Available in Mobile Banking Application

What is i-MSecure?

i-MSecure is a safer and convenient way to authorise transactions with value of RM10,000 and above through software token embedded in i-Muamalat Mobile Application. This 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) feature is available only on the new i-Muamalat Mobile Application, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Customers are required to register for i-MSecure before enjoying this new authorise transaction method. i-MSecure is a feature that allows user to approve or reject i-Muamalat transactions directly from their smartphones. 

How to register to i MSecure

What is DuitNow?

DuitNow is a new real-time online fund transfer service that allows you to transfer funds to your recipient’s DuitNow ID instead of their account number. You can register and transfer funds using DuitNow via i-Muamalat Website and Mobile App. This is an industry wide initiative among all banks to simplify funds transfer while maintaining a high level of security.

Security Alert

Take the following precaution whenever you are using internet banking:

  • Please ensure that your i-muamalat username and password are not revealed or shared to anyone. Memorize them and do not write it down. Ensure that you are accessing i-muamalat by directly keying in its URL instead of selecting it from another web links from another web site or in the email.
  • Be wary of attempts inquiring about your ID or password even though it claims coming from Bank Muamalat. The Bank will never ask you to disclose your ID and password.
  • Please do not share the TAC number received with any third party.
  • Always log out properly.
  • Do not perform transactions at public terminals such as cyber cafe.
  • Clear your cache upon completion.
  • Never click on link(s) sent from emails or SMS.

Please contact the bank at +603-2600 5500 whenever you suspect any suspicious activities.

Operation Hour

  • i-Muamalat is available 24 hours;
  • Customer Care Line +603-2600 5500 operating 24 hours daily.

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
(Online Account Opening CASA Tawarruq)

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Terms & Conditions
(Muamalat Gold-i Account for Internet Banking)

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Terms & Conditions
Online Fixed Term Account (eFTA-i)

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Product Disclosure Sheet
e-Fixed Term Account

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FAQ – Mobile Banking
& i-MSecure

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DuitNow FAQ

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DuitNow User Guide
for i-Muamalat

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DuitNow User Guide
for Mobile App

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FAQ-DuitNow QR

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*Terms and conditions apply.

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