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Fraud Awareness For Bank Muamalat Card-i

1) Unauthorized Internet Transaction

Protect yourself from fraud


2) Cardholders’ responsibilities

1) Abide by the terms and conditions for the use of the Bank Muamalat Card-i;

2) Take reasonable steps to keep the Bank Muamalat Card-i and Personal Identification     Number (PIN) secure at all times, including at the cardholder’s place of residence. These include not:

  • i) Disclosing the Bank Muamalat Card-i details or PIN to any other person;
  • ii) Writing down the PIN on the Bank Muamalat Card-i, or on anything kept in close proximity with the card;
  • iii) using a PIN selected from the cardholder’s birth date, identity card, passport, driving licence or contact numbers; 
  • iv) Allowing any other person to use the Bank Muamalat Card-i and PIN; and
  • v) Leave Bank Muamalat Card-i unattended.

3) Notify the Bank as soon as reasonably practicable after having discovered that the Bank Muamalat Card-i is lost, stolen, an unauthorised transaction had occurred or the PIN  may have been compromised;

4) Notify the Bank immediately upon receiving short message service (SMS) transaction alert if the transaction was unauthorised;

5) Notify the Bank immediately of any change in the cardholder's contact number;

6) Use the Bank Muamalat Card-i responsibly, including not using the card for unlawful activity;

7) Check transaction record in the account statement from time to time and report any discrepancy without undue delay;

8) Bank will never call customer and request for their information, for instances Card-i number, CVV number etc. as bank already have their information; and

9) Customers to ensure that the transactions for Card – Not- Present (CNP) and non-3D secure are opt-out if not intend to using them.

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Fraud Awareness For Bank Muamalat Card-i

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