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Pin & Pay and Contactless Transaction

The industry-wide move to replace signature cards with PIN cards has started since from mid-2015. Signature will gradually be phased out as cards and terminals are upgraded. When you receive your new Chip and PIN card, you should enter a PIN when prompted, instead of signing, when making a card payment at a point of sale terminal in Malaysia.

From 1 July 2017 onwards, signature will no longer be accepted when you use your card to make a domestic payment. If you are using your card overseas, please ensure you remember the PIN for your card before leaving Malaysia. Those countries that have not yet migrated to PIN will still require that you sign for verification in order to use your card for payment. However, because your new card supports PIN for purchases, some countries may require payment to be completed with a PIN when prompted.

Chip n PIN : Safety Tips for BMMB Aisya Debit Card-i

  • Chip and PIN are a very simple way to keep your money safe. The system makes it much more difficult for criminals to gain access to your account.
  • In the past, you would sign a paper receipt to verify your card payments. Now you simply enter a six-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), just like you do at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
  • Criminals are particularly keen on getting the PINs connected with your debit cards. Whether banking online or entering your PIN details in a public place, you should always be vigilant.
  • Always keep your card out of sight and in a safe place, and never let anyone else use it
  • Never tell anyone your PIN - not even your family, the bank or the police - and never write it down anywhere
  • When you receive a new PIN, memorize it straightaway and immediately destroy the slip
  • Do not share your PIN with any third parties. PIN should be known only to you. It's also good practice to change your PIN regularly
  • When considering a suitable PIN for your Debit card, avoid guessable number such as vehicle registration number, telephone number or part of your identity card which criminals could match from stolen data
  • Never use the same PIN for different card
  • Monitoring your statements for any unfamiliar activity and to notify BMMB immediately if you find any discrepancies.


A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount from the available balance on the payment card. It is used to verify that the card is active and has sufficient available funds prior to dispensing fuel.
When you use your card at AFD at a petrol station, the AFD will authorize the fuel transaction before you can start pumping fuel into your vehicle. This is performed by sending a pre-authorization amount on the payment card to your card issuer.
Because the pre-authorization must happen before the fuel is pumped, the actual amount of fuel pumped is not yet known at the time of the pre-authorization. The agreed pre-authorization amount at AFD in Malaysia is set to RM200.
The amount of the pre-authorization is not a charge and no funds are debited from the card account, but the available balance on the card is temporarily reduced by the pre-authorization amount. Once you have completed pumping fuel, the actual amount for the fuel dispensed will be sent to your issuing bank. At this point the actual amount will be debited from the card account, and the pre-authorization amount is cleared. However, this may take 3-4 business days after the fuel was dispensed and the pre-authorization was generated.
Customers who want to avoid a pre-authorization at self-service pumps are advised to go to the cashier where the exact purchase amount would be deducted from the cardholder’s account.

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