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Bank Muamalat's logo and identity is essentially formed by a dynamic line in a continuous motion. The principal objectives of efficiency and dynamism are reflected by the single line. The single line signifies an efficient, clear and focused vision. This reflects the strong relationship between the Bank and its customers.

The dome is a basic design element of Islamic architecture. It is used to signify the place for prayers and for shelter. This represents the products and services that the Bank can offer to its customers. The five domes are representative of the 5 tenets of Islam and the 5 times Muslims are called to pray. The 5 points are also used in relation to the five principles of the Rukun Negara, giving a truly Malaysian objective to its existence. The linkage of the five domes with a single line signifies networking of the Bank and the relationship between Bank, customers and its external environment.

This networking and togetherness translate the vary meaning of Muamalat itself, which is "relationship between mankind". An hour glass embedded in the centre within the logo design stands for time which is essence of a Bank. Investments grow overtime.

Two colours are used within the logo. Sultan blue, a royal colour is used to provide a feeling of strength and confidence. Orange is a warm and exciting colour. It gives light and signifies growth. The orange is used to signify the warmth of the Bank, which is in continuous growth, never static but always dynamic.

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