Wakaf Updates

Wakaf Campaign 2014

Wakaf Selangor Muamalat (WSM) has collected more than RM 8 million by end of August 2014 and the collection is increasing, Alhamdulillah. In line with this, WSM is planning to implement major wakaf projects in both education and health sectors i.e. wakaf hospital and wakaf school, beside the ongoing wakaf contribution in the form of asset like dialysis machine, schools, vehicle and etc.

For the second consecutive year, WSM campaign has been successfully carried out on 2 – 25 July 2014. This campaign was open to all corporate and individual customers. It was commenced from 2 until 25 July 2014. The objective is to increase wakaf collection as well as to create awareness among the public on WSM. It was also to encourage staff and public to contribute to wakaf during the holy month of Ramadhan.

The scope of the campaign is for branches within Selangor & Federal Teritorry (FT) regions (19 Branches & HQ).

The campaign has implemented new Radio IKIM advertisement & putting up of WSM banner at branches to increase public awareness on WSM. Mock cheque handover events were conducted at Glenmarie, Jalan Ipoh and Batu Caves branch as token of appreciation from the management. The overall achievements in the wakaf campaign are as follows :

  • Overall increase in collection by 25 %
  • Selangor : RM 102,846 or 149% (Average monthly : RM 69,223.14)
  • Wilayah : RM 44,467 or 92% (Average monthly : RM 48,359.25)
  • Branches which achieve the target (the highest 3 branches) :
       • Glenmarie : RM 54,200 or 1572 % (Target : RM 3,383.25)
       • Jalan Ipoh : RM 6,194 or 186 % (Target : RM 3,335.10)
       • Batu Caves : RM 7,655 or 148 % (Target : RM 5,162.10)
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