Muamalat Al-Ijarah

This financing is for the acquisition of assets such as vehicles, equipment, and machinery, based on the principles of Al-Ijarah (leasing) followed by Al-Bai’ (sales/purchase).




  • Provide customers with short to medium term financing by way of leasing and finally acquiring the asset
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ready source of fund to meet working capital requirement, in case of sales & leaseback

Type of Asset/Equipment

  • Motor Vehicles including, Cars, Buses, Commercial Vehicle
  • ICT Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Other Plant and Machinery

Profit Rate

  • Flat rate

Lease Period

  • Up to 7 Years (subject to the credit evaluation)

Margin of Financing

  • Up to 90%

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