Bai’ Dayn Working Capital Financing (BWCF-i)

BWCF-i is a facility granted to BMMB client to finance their sale. The client will sell the goods or services rendered on credit. While waiting for the local sales to be realized, customer requires the financing immediately from the BMMB. BMMB provides financing by purchasing the debt/receivable at a mutually agreed price and pays the client immediately the cost less the Bank’s profit. Upon receipt of the proceeds or upon maturity of the bill whichever is earlier, the client will pay the Bank the full invoice value. Bai’ Dayn refers to the sale of a debt of a debt arising from trade and services transaction in the form of a deferred payment sale. The client sells this debt to the BMMB at a discount.


Client will be paid by BMMB before realization of the sale
  • The cost must be revealed
  • The price and tenor of the lump-sum deferred payment must be agreed upon by the BMMB and client
  • BMMB appoints client as an agent to sell on its behalf
  • Only trade transaction on usance term is allowed
  • Financing for finished goods
  • The minimum amount of financing is RM5,000.00
  • The minimum tenor is for 30 days
Document Required

The documents required for creating BWCF-i are:

  • BWCF Contract Note (in case of direct financing)
  • BWCF Project Contract Note (in case of project financing)

  • Bill of Exchange
  • Commercial Documents (Invoice and Transport documents)
  • Other supporting documents

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