Commercial Property Financing – SME

Commercial Property Financing (CPF) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) refers to financial products and services specifically designed to assist SMEs in acquiring or refinancing commercial properties for their business operations. It enables SMEs to secure the necessary funds to purchase or develop properties such as office spaces, retail shops, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities.


Purpose Of Financing

  • Asset acquisition
  • Refinancing
  • Working capital (any excess amount from item (ii) above shall be deposited into customer’s current account and shall be utilised for working capital.
  • Debt Consolidation (*)

Type of Property (COMPLETED ONLY)

  • Shop house
  • Shop office (not more than 5-storey high).
  • Flatted factory/standardized light industrial building (not special purpose factory building).
  • Warehouse – located in industrial area.


  • For term financing – up to 25 years
  • For Mcash – Up to 5 years (with annual review)

Financing Rate

Depending on client’s credit scoring

  • Property financing – Up to BFR minus (-) 1.8%
  • Mcash – Minimum BFR plus (+) 1.75%

Margin of Financing

Total MOF shall not exceed 105%, which comprises  as below:

  • Mcash – Up to 20% and;
  • Property Financing – Up to 90% and additional 5% to finance MCRE (if applicable).

Financing Size

  • Up to RM5 Million

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 51% shares held & control by Malaysian citizen & registered with SSM

Type of Facilities

  • Term Financing
  • Mcash (Cashline)


  • For Customer who opted for Property Financing only, the maximum margin of finance is 90%.
  • For those who opted for Property Financing plus MCash-i, the maximum margin of financing is 105% inclusive MCRE.
  • Total financing of the property shall not exceed 105% against OMV or Sales and Purchase Agreement (whichever is lower).

MCRE is define as per the following:

  • To allow financing of Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT);
  • To allow financing of Legal Cost; and
  • To allow financing of Valuation Cost.

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