Muamalat Revolving Financing-I (MRF)

This facility is based on Al-Murabahah contract. Under Murabahah, the Bank finances the customer by purchasing the Muamalat Revolving Financing trust Certificate and execution of Muamalat Revolving Financing Sale Contract. MRF is for working capital financing only.

Highlights & Benefits

Competitive rate of profit; i.e. pegged to MRR to be quoted by Treasury Department;
Asset securitization allows multiple drawdowns;
100% financing on Muamalat Revolving Financing Trust Certificate;
It is ready source of fund.


Financing based on the contract of Al-Murabahah;
The Bank purchases the customer’s Muamalat Revolving Financing trust Certificate;
The fixed assets to be securitized must be free from encumbrances;
Minimum amount for drawdown is RM100,000-00;
Tenure ranges from 30 days to 180 days depending on the customers’ requirements / needs;
Profit margin pegged to Muamalat Referance rate (MRR).

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