Featured Image of Halal Certification Program

Halal Certification Program

Featured Image of Halal Certification Program

To ensure the selected entrepreneurs obtain the halal certification in line with Malaysia’s Halal Certification scheme.

To guide and provide training to the selected entrepreneurs towards the preparation of Malaysia’s Halal Certification Certificate.

Halal Certification Program

Halal means “allowed” in Arabic and is not limited to food only. In addition to depicting purity, halal certification can also be considered as one of the product quality assurance programs. The implementation of halal certification may increase consumers’ confidence in the products in addition to requiring compliance with system and legal requirements. Therefore, understanding the standards and requirements of the Malaysian Halal Certification Certificate is important to ensure that the implementation is carried out effectively based on the requirements set by the relevant authorities. The Halal Certification Program is a course conducted by training consultants certified by JAKIM to the entrepreneurs to obtain JAKIM’s Malaysian Halal Certificate.

BMMB sponsors the halal certification program to the eligible participants through collaboration with Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd (Serunai). Among the references used by Serunai in this program are;

  1. Manual Prosedur Pensijilan Halal Malaysia (Domestik) 2020
  2. Sistem Pengurusan Halal Malaysia 2020
  3. Standards Malaysia berkaitan Halal
    1. MS 1500:2019 – Makanan Halal-Keperluan Umum
    2. MS 2634:2019 – Kosmetik Halal
    3. MS 2424:2012 – Farmaseutikal Halal
    4. MS 2200:2013 – Barangan Pengguna Islam Bahagian 2 – Penggunaan Tulang Haiwan, Kulit dan Bulu
    5. MS 2400:2019 – Rantaian Bekalan Halal
  4. Akta dan peraturan-peraturan berkaitan
    1. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)
    2. Bersih, Selamat dan Sihat (BeSS)
    3. Pengusaha Makanan Sediaan Di Rumah (Home-based Food)
    4. Akta Perihal Dagangan, 2011
    5. Akta Makanan 1983 & Peraturan Makanan 1985
    6. Peraturan-peraturan Kebersihan Makanan 2009


Program Advantage
  1. FREE guidance and training courses to the entrepreneurs until they SUCCESSFULLY obtain JAKIM’s Malaysian Halal Certificate.
  2. The Malaysian Halal certification opens up opportunities for the entrepreneurs to enter the vast Halal market and increase income.
  3. Value add for the food premise entrepreneurs (restaurants & cafes), food & beverage products, and cosmetic and medicinal products.


Terms of Application
  1. Asnaf & B40 groups
  2. The company is registered with SSM
  3. The company is not bankrupt
  4. The company has been operating for at least 3 months
  5. The company has a valid PBT license

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