PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme – SME

PEMULIH government guarantee scheme gives financial assistance to SMEs in all industries.


Purpose Of Financing

  • For New Financing;
  • For restructuring of existing financing facilities; and/ or additional working capital


  • For New Financing: Up to 10 years
  • For restructuring of existing financing facilities: minimum 3 years, (including 12-months moratorium)
  • For additional working capital: Up to 10 years

Financing Size

  • Up to RM5 Million


  • Syarikat Jaminan Pembiayaan Perniagaan Berhad (SJPP)

    • For New Financing: Up to 80% of the financing obtained from the participating Financial Institutions (including principal and interest/ profit) by the Government of Malaysia

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to all entities [SMEs and Mid Size Companies (MSC)] in all industries such as tourism and its related sectors with annual revenue of not more than RM500 million based on their audited accounts (or relevant income tax returns where applicable) for any of the financial year ending 2019 or later
  • Companies with at least 51% shares held and controlled by Malaysian Citizens

Type of Facilities

  • Term Financing
  • Mcash (Cashline)
  • Trade Facilities

Guarantee Fee

  • For New Financing: 1% per annum payable upfront
  • For restructuring of existing financing facilities and/ or additional working capital: 0.75% per annum payable upfront.

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