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Solutions to your financial needs. Whether you need extra money for a rainy day or an opportunity that can’t wait, we have the solution for you.

Product Features

Enjoy up to RM400,000* financing
Up to 10 years tenure
Profit Rate as low as 2.77% p.a.
No Guarantor
Debt Consolidations
No Processing Fee
No Hidden Charges
Term Description
Concept Tawarruq
Selling price Fixed and Known Upfront
Takaful Protection Highly encouraged
Choices Mode of Payment Salary Deduction / Salary Transfer / Standing Instruction / Pension Transfer
Wasiat/Will Writing Optional
Structure of Product Muamalat Personal Financing-i (Tawarruq) is a financing facility that is designed to provide cash financing to the customers for personal consumption/ use which does not contravene with the Shariah principles.Generally, this product is based on Tawarruq as its underlying Shariah concept for provision of financing. The financing structure under the Tawarruq arrangement involves the combination of Wa’d Mulzim, Murabahah, Wakalah and Bai’ Wadhi’ah contracts.
Shariah Concepts
  • Tawarruq consists of two sale and purchase contracts where the first involves the sale of an asset by a seller to a purchaser on a deferred basis. Subsequently, the purchaser of the first sale will sell the same asset to a third party on a cash basis.
  • Murabahah refers to a sale and purchase of an asset where the acquisition cost and the mark-up are disclosed to the purchaser.
  • Wakalah refers to a contract where a party, as principal (muwakkil) authorizes another party as his agent (wakil) to perform a particular task on matters that may be delegated, with or without imposition of a fee.
  • Wa’d is a unilateral promise which refers to an expression of commitment given by one party to another to perform certain action(s) in the future.
  • Bai’ Wadhi’ah is a sale contract whereby the asset / commodity is sold at lower price than the cost incurred by the Customer.

For Personal Use – Cash Consumption, debt consolidation, education, medical etc


  • Age 18 and above
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Must be a registered member of professional body of the said profession or equivalent
    related qualification and accreditation
  • Minimum income of RM5,000 and above
  • Confirmed position or is a permanent staff
  • Employment on contractual basis with minimum 5 years of working experience in a
    similarly related field/sector
  • Financing up 60 years old. (for Medical Practitioners up to 70 years old)
  • Applicable to
    Professional 1
    1.  Medical Practitioners (Doctors & Dentists)
    2. Accountants
    3. Lectures
    4. Pilots
    5. Engineers
    6. Architects
    Professional 2
    1. Technologist & Technicians
    2. Geologist
    3. Safety & Health Officers
    4. Pharmacists
    5. Veterinarians
    6. Optometrists & Opticians
    7. Quantity Surveyors
    8. Actuaries
    9. PHD Holder
  • Selected employers from the following preferred sectors:-Please refer list of Preferred Sectors Employers
    1. Oil and Gas
    2. Financial Service Providers
    3. Healthcare
    4. Telcos – (TM, Celcom Axiata, Maxis, Digi)
    5. Big 4 (Deloitte, PwC, EY & KPMG)


  • Professional firms/Self-employed:
    • At least 5 years of establishment (Kindly refer to the date registration or incorporation)
    • Medical Practitioners (i.e. clinics) at least 1 year of establishment
    • Registered with the relevant professional bodies
    • Having established positive banking relationship with the Bank and/or other financial institution


Mode of Payment
  • Salary deduction at source
  • Salary Transfer/Company – Business account transfer/open to Bank Muamalat
  • Standing Instruction


Required Documents

Self Employed

  • MyKad
  • Business registration
  • Latest financial statement or; Income tax return. and
  • Latest 6 months current account statement


Professional Certificate

  • Professional Certification / Affiliations / Qualifications (under Professional Program)


Financing Amount
  • Minimum RM10,000
  • Maximum RM400,000


Financing Tenure
  • Minimum 2 years – Maximum 10 years


Profit Rate

Competitive Flat & Floating Rate


List of Preferred Sector Employers

List of Preferred Sectors Employers


Repayment Table


*Rates may vary subject to Terms and Conditions for Muamalat Personal Financing-i Tawarruq facility

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