SMART Mortgage FLEXI Shophouse Financing-i

Convenient and comprehensive, with peace-of-mind benefits

Product Benefits

Attractive and competitive profit rates, extra long tenor and high margin of financing
Convenient with network of branches and service centres throughout the nation
Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT) plan for pure peace-of-mind benefits
Flexibility of payment available at all branches

Own your Dream Home with Peace of Mind


Package Name

SMART Mortgage FLEXI Shophouse Financing-i



All individuals & joint applicants


  • Financing Moving Costs and Related Expenses (MCRE) i.e. MRTT/LTHT, legal fees, valuation fee & stamp duty
  • Fully-Shariah compliant product
  • Peace of mind with MRTT coverage
  • Will writing (wasiat) services
  • 100% stamp duty exemption for redemption (on conversion from conventional to Islamic financing) as per Federal Government’s gazette P.A(A)376/2010, Stamp Duty (Remission) Order 2010, Stamp Act 1949.
  • Pay additional amount on top of your monthly payment and reduce your principal balance immediately
  • Save on your profit charges
  • Redraw any amount from your excess payments at your convenience and get the cash immediately
  • Shorten your financing tenure and own your home faster
  • Transaction on Redraw can be made online easily


Margin of Financing

Margin of Financing (MOF) Up to 80%+10% MCRE



Financing tenure up to age of 70 years or maximum duration of 25 years. Whichever is earlier


Documents required
  • Photocopy of I/C of applicant(s)
  • Latest 3-month salary slips
  • Latest J/EA Form
  • Confirmation letter from employer
  • Original S&P Agreement/ booking sheet/ down payment receipt
  • Business Registration and other related forms for self-employed (whichever is applicable)
  • Latest 3-month Bank Statement
  • Any additional documents if required by the Bank
Product Disclosure Sheet

*Terms and conditions apply.

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SMART Mortgage Shophouse Financing-i
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