Google Pay

With Google Pay, making purchases has never been smoother and more convenient. Experience Bank Muamalat Credit Card-i on Google Pay today.

Discover the Convenience, Security, and Contactless of Google Pay – Try it out now!

Highlights & Benefits


Each transaction remains secure private when using Google Pay


Just position your Google device close to the reader for payment


Perform purchases with your Google device in hand without bringing your physical cards or cash


Experience Bank Muamalat Credit Card-i on
Google Pay Today!

Access your Bank Muamalat card anytime, anywhere with just a tap on your smart phone.

How to get started

Steps to Add Your Bank Muamalat Credit Card-i to Google Pay
*for Android users only


Step 1

Launch Google Wallet or download it from Google Playstore and start adding your Bank Muamalat Credit Card-i.


Step 2

Enter your card details.


Step 3

Confirm your billing address.


Step 4

Accept the issuer’s terms and conditions.


Step 5

Complete the verification process.


Step 6

Your card is successfully added! You can now being using Google Pay immediately.

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