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Fast Checkout

Enjoy your purchase with the seamless swiftness of our checkout & simplifying the shopping process for ultimate convenience.

Higher Sales & Revenue

With quicker and more convenient payment options, businesses can boost their sales and revenue as customers are more likely to complete their purchases.

Cost Effective

Experience an affordable onboarding process with low set up fee that lets you invest in your vision without straining your finances.

BMMB Payment Gateway serves as the secure digital bridge that connects customers, merchants, and financial institutions, enabling the seamless and safe processing of online payments. It encrypts and authorizes transactions, safeguarding sensitive financial data while ensuring a convenient and trusted shopping experience for customers, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and security of the e-commerce ecosystem.

How to apply

Step 1

Download & complete E-Commerce Merchant Application Form


Step 2

Submit the completed E-Commerce Merchant Application Form and the required documents to BMMB Merchant Admin


Step 3

Successful applicant will be notified through email


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UNITED STATES DOLLARUSD4.9200004.6670004.650000

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