As-Salihin Islamic Estate Planning

As-Salihin Islamic Estate Planning

Estate planning is defined as a legally effective arrangement for the disposition and management of a person’s estate which will not eliminate any fears but would also be able to fulfill his wishes within the Islamic laws once he/she leaves for the hereafter.


Why is Estate Planning important?

  1. Prevent any issues that could arise from the Estate
  2. Ensuring the your valuable properties are divided among your loved ones
  3. Avoid any family conflicts that may arise
  4. Established an improved financial planning arrangement.


Difference between not having a will and having one

Without a will

  • Asset Frozen
  • Application of Letter of Administration & Sijil Faraid (Appointment of Administrator)
  • Application of dispensation of sureties (Administration Bond)
  • Assets Free


With a will

  • Asset Frozen
  • Appointment of Executor
  • Application for Grant of Probate and Sijil Faraid
  • Assets Free


A trust company incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 and registered under Trust Companies Act 1949. as-Salihin was established to meet the needs of Muslims to preserve, protect, and distribute their assets for the benefit of their loved ones once they depart for the hereafter. as-Salihin aims to provide full range of services relative to estate planning in a manner based strictly on the Syariah.


A declaration of a person made during his life time with respect to his property or benefit thereof…

Declaration of Jointly Acquired Asset

Declaration of Jointly Acquired Asset is property jointly acquired by husband and wife during the…

Pri-Hibah (Declaration of Hibah)

Hibah is a transfer of property without exchange of consideration with a definite proposal on the…

Pri-Emas (Golden Age Trust)

Hibah is a transfer of property without exchange of consideration with a definite proposal on the…

Pri-TI (Takaful/Insurance Trust)

A Takaful/Insurance Trust is a trust created from Takaful/Insurance proceeds by appointing as-Salihin…

Islamic Estate Administration

Process of administration and liquidation of the asset, including settlement of all debts…

Pri-Warisan (Estate Administration Service Package)

A package to reduce the cost of Estate Administration and the administration of the trust property handled by…

Why As-Salihin

  • Perpetual Existence and Continuity;
  • Accountability and Impartiality;
  • Professionalism and Competence;
  • Exemption from Administration Bond;
  • Expedite Legal Process.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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