Foreign Currency Deposit

Foreign Currency Deposit

BMMB’s Treasury welcomes Foreign Currency Deposits in 5 currencies, US Dollar, Euro Dollar, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Great Britain Pound Sterling;

  • attractive returns for your placement;
  • Minimum amount is USD 100,000.00 or equivalent;
  • Any tenure can be catered for;
  • Deposits are done according to Islamic principles of Wadiah or Commodity Murabahah;

We also provide daily market commentaries and outlook on future trends of other foreign currencies return;
And we also offer Foreign Currency Accounts with our branches; where the Foreign currency deposit can be placed with any branches or can be placed in our Labuan Offshore Branch(the profits earned is subjected to be tax free)

Who Are Eligible As Depositors?

Non-personal accounts include companies, multinationals and corporations (Offshore & foreign Off-shore Companies);
Residents, PRs and non-residents; and Embassies, Consulates

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Foreign Currency Deposit
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AUSTRALIAN DOLLARAUD3.2000003.0460003.030000
BRUNEI DOLLARBND3.5860003.4290003.418000
CANADIAN DOLLARCAD3.4960003.3720003.355000
SWISS FRANCCHF5.2760005.0480005.030000
EURO EUR5.2680004.9760004.954000
STERLING POUNDGBP6.1430005.8900005.881000
NEW ZEALAND DOLLARNZD3.0230002.8060002.791000
SINGAPORE DOLLARSGD3.5860003.4420003.441000
UNITED STATES DOLLARUSD4.8550004.6040004.587000

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