Building upon the existing vehicle financing options provided to individual/retail customers, Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (BMMB) now offers vehicle, commercial truck, and equipment financing to business entities/commercial customers.


  • Muamalat Hire Purchase-i Financing (MHP-i)
  • Muamalat Industrial Hire Purchase-i Financing (MIHP-i)
  • SHARIAH CONCEPT Al-Ijarah Thumma Al-Bai (AITAB)


Eligible Business Entities
  • Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Public/Private Limited Company.
  • Association, club and co-operatives society, Trustee.
  • Professional bodies (doctor/lawyer), and state government.
  • At least 51% shares held & controlled by Malaysian Citizen.


Years of Business
  • Has been in operation for a minimum of 3 years (including conversion/upgrade from soleproprietor and partnership under similar business activities)
  • The key person must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a business of similar nature.


Restricted Business/Applicant

Business activities not comply to shariah


Type Of Asset/Motor Vehicle/Equipment
  • Car, 4×4, Bus, Taxi
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • ICT Equipment, Other Plant and Machinery


Application Type
  • Normal application (immediate acquisition for single or multiple units)
  • Blanket line facility (immediate acquisition/for project/fleet owners)



Recommended customers to take Takaful protection on the asset/equipment with Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhas as HP owner and with acceptable sum insured.


Financing Coverage

Whole Malaysia


Type Of Profit Rate

Flat Rate/Fixed Rate


* Terms and conditions apply

Term Detail
Type Of Motor Vehicle ACT GOODS – As Per The First Schedule Of Hire Purchase Act 1967

  • Pick Up 4×4, And Car
  • Light Truck (Bdm – Berat Dengan Muatan Not More Than 2,540kgs)
Financing Tenure Maximum Up To 9 Years
Financing Margin Up To 90%*
Profit Rate As Low As 2.5% Flat Rate P.a*

Note: The Rate Will Based On Purpose Of Usage, Tenure, Type Of Motor Vehicle, And Condition.

Stamp Duty Nominal : Rm10/hp Agreement

Additional Stamp Duty Of Rm10 Per Letter Of Guarantee As Per Stamp Duty Act.

Advance Payment/Security Deposit No


* Subject To The Customer Credit Standing
** Terms And Conditions Apply

Term Detail
Type Of Motor Vehicle NON-ACT GOODS – Not listed in the First Schedule of Hire Purchase Act 1967

Truck/Prime Mover (BDM – berat dengan muatan more than 2,540kgs).

Financing Tenure Maximum Up To 9 Years
Financing Margin Maximum up To 90%*
Profit Rate Estimate 3.2%~3.88% flat rate p.a*


  1. For rate below 3.2% is case-to-case basis and subject to management approval*.
  2. The rate will based on purpose of usage, tenure, type of motor vehicle, and condition.
Stamp Duty Ad Valorem : RM5 for every financing limit of RM1,000 or part thereof.

Additional stamp duty of RM10 per Letter of Guarantee as per Stamp Duty Act.

Advance Payment/Security Deposit Optional, subject to BMMB approval or packages


* Subject To The Customer Credit Standing
** Terms And Conditions Apply

Term Detail
Simplified Requirement/Documentation For 4×4 and Light Truck (BDM Not More than 2,540kgs)

  • Income tax/audited account are optional*.
  • The approval is based on the customer 6 months bank closing balances.
  • CCRIS payment with 2 late payment is acceptable (not more than 3 times occurrence) and latest month must be up to date.
Profit Rate For 4×4 and Light Truck (BDM Not More than 2,540kgs)

As low as 2.5% for New Isuzu/Daihatsu (act good)


For Truck (BDM More than 2,540kgs)

Estimate 3.2% ~ 3.88% for New Isuzu/Daihatsu truck (non-act good)

* Subject to the customer credit standing
** Terms and conditions apply

Required Documents SDN BHD SP/P
Business Registration Forms/Company’s statutory document. (SSM,Form 24,44,49)
Firm Registration – Form B / D
Photocopy NRIC of owner/partners/guarantor/directors.
Mandatory latest Available 6 months bank statements, etc.
Latest Available audited account
Consent form provided by BMMB

* Terms and conditions apply

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