Now you can pay via MEPS e-Debit with your Muamalat ATM Card


Now you can pay via MEPS e-Debit with your Muamalat ATM Card


What is MEPS e-Debit?

MEPS e-Debit is an application readily available in your existing Muamalat ATM Card, which can be used for making online payment for goods, services and utilities at point-of-sale. The transaction amount will be immediately deducted from your savings or current account directly into the retailer’s or merchant’s account upon system authorization of your PIN. This provides consumers with better cash management and peace of mind as all transactions are cashless and PIN based.


Where can I pay via MEPS e-Debit?

Payment via MEPS e-Debit is widely accepted at participating merchants that displays MEPS logo such as hypermarkets, departmental store utility companies and petrol stations.


How to Pay via MEPS e-Debit?

To pay via MEPS e-Debit, all you need to do is:-

  • Present your Muamalat ATM Card;
  • Tell the cashier that you want to pay via MEPS e-Debit;
  • Key in your 6 digit ATM PIN into the e-Debit payment terminal;
  • Your payment is processed accordingly.


Is there any transaction fee charged?

There is NO transaction fee charged to customers for payment via e-Debit

From now on, you don’t have to trouble yourself preparing cash for your payments and purchases! Just look out for any MEPS logo at participating merchants and be part of this new payment evolution.

Existing Bank Muamalat ATM cardholders are automatically activated. Start to use MEPS e-Debit now!


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