Online Savings Account-i (TAWARRUQ) via MAP

The Online Savings Account-i (Tawarruq) is a digital savings account equipped with Electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) capabilities. This feature allows for the electronic identification and verification of customers and documents, enabling the convenient and digital opening of savings accounts through the Muamalat Application Platform (MAP).

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AUSTRALIAN DOLLARAUD3.2260003.0720003.056000
BRUNEI DOLLARBND3.6610003.5010003.490000
CANADIAN DOLLARCAD3.6100003.4830003.466000
SWISS FRANCCHF5.5580005.3190005.301000
EURO EUR5.3470005.0530005.031000
STERLING POUNDGBP6.2120005.9590005.950000
NEW ZEALAND DOLLARNZD3.1160002.8930002.878000
SINGAPORE DOLLARSGD3.6610003.5150003.514000
UNITED STATES DOLLARUSD4.9200004.6670004.650000

2024-02-23 08:37:52