Featured Image of Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2024

Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2024

Featured Image of Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2024

The Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) is a Tawarruq Fixed Term Account (FTA) product designed with exciting campaign features that provide flexibility for customers to place deposit in Basic and Premier Plans that offer attractive fixed profit rate.

Additionally, the customers will eligible to participate in the monthly lucky draws, offering chances to be a millionaire (for 2 lucky customers) and win other interesting prizes.

Highlights & Benefits

Multi-tenure options

Chance to win attractive prizes

Multiple plan options with similar rate

Higher chance to win with more placement amount

Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) Edisi Gemilang 25 Tahun

2 Wanita Jadi Jutawan Melalui Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi)

“Berkat menyimpan, dua wanita jadi jutawan segera, penuhi impian setelah sekian lama”.

Saksikan liputan sekitar majlis penyampaian hadiah bagi 2 jutawan Sijil Simpanan Islamik yang telah berlangsung pada 23 Mac 2024.

Adakah anda jutawan Bank Muamalat yang seterusnya? Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk sertai SSi Edisi Gemilang kerana hadiah kini telah digandakan menjadi RM5 juta!

Untuk maklumat lanjiut, layari


Published on 24 March 2024

Pencarian 2 jutawan kami telah bermula! Kali ini, Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) menawarkan hadiah terkumpul bernilai lebih RM5,000,000!

Belum cuba produk simpanan patuh Syariah kami ini? Jom mula sekarang!

Tarikh kempen bermula 1 Mac hingga 31 Disember 2024.

*Tertakluk pada terma dan syarat.

Our search for 2 millionaires has begun! This time, Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) offers a cumulative prize worth over RM5,000,000!

Haven’t tried our Shariah-compliant savings product yet?

Let’s start now! The campaign runs from 1 March until 31 December 2024.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

*For the list of winners “Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2023” campaign, please refer the below link:
List of Winners Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2023

List of Winners Sijil Simpanan Islamik (SSi) 2024 – Edisi Gemilang 25 Tahun

  • Muamalat Application Platform (MAP)
  • i-Muamalat Retail Internet Banking (RIB)
  • Muamalat Branches
  • SSi is a campaign-based product structured for both existing and new to bank customers.
  • This campaign offers lower FTA profit rates against the normal FTA as this campaign-based product comes with automatic eligibility to win lucky draw prizes.
  • The existing bank customers will entitle to participate in this campaign subject to placement of new fund.


All individuals above 12 years old

(Trust Account for individuals below 18 tears old (minors) – account must be opened and operated by parents or legal guardians)

New and existing to bank customers

Non-Individual Customer – All small business customers (SBC) only

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