iBiz Muamalat

iBiz Muamalat is the corporate internet banking service designed as a one-stop-channel to facilitate our corporate customers growing business needs. iBiz Muamalat offers intuitive, end-to-end solutions that allows you for a better control and visibility of your cash management, thus helping you to manage a diversity of your monetary activities


Safe & Secure

Login & authorize payments with the multi-factor authentication such as physical token & eToken

Improved Efficiency

Features bulk approval function that makes the approval process hassle-free by allowing authorisers to approve multiple transactions in one attempt.

Payment EcoSystem

System integrate and custom ready with your company’s accounting system

Flexible Fund Transfer Limit

Allows you to maintain your company’s fund transfer limit at your fingertip.

Our Services

  1. You have real-time access to monitor and control the company cash flow for all your Current Accounts, Investment Accounts, Cards, and Financing accounts.
  2. View account balances, cheque floating, cashline facility amount and earmarked amount.
  3. Download the latest eStatement of the account for the last 6 months. Available in via date range and monthly.
  1. Fund Transfer
    Easily and swiftly transfer funds within Bank Muamalat or to any Financial Institutions or e-money issuers through various transfer methods, including:

    • Transfer to Own Account/Third Party
    • Instant / DuitNow Transfer (via Account/Proxy)
    • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
    • Real-Time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities (RENTAS)
  2. Payments
    Efficiently manage your online bills and payments to billers using JomPAY, as well as payments to Bank Muamalat Financing account.
  3. Bulk Payment / Payroll
    • Experience a cost-effective and hassle-free method to process payments to suppliers or payroll for employees in bulk.
    • Multiple format such as excel, csv & txt.
    • Payroll Masking is applied to manage the data sensitivity between users in the company.
    • Bulk DuitNow for instant transfer through file upload to the other bank accounts. **
  4. Statutory Payment**
    Simplify the process of consolidating and contributing your company’s statutory payments to bodies such as;

    • Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Nasional (KWSP)
    • Social Security Organisation – PERKESO (SOCSO)
    • Employee Insurance Scheme – PERKESO (EIS)
    • Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

**Only available in the new iBiz Muamalat

  • View the latest FX Rates and Booked Rates.
  • Transact through our Cross Border Fund Transfer which enable via SWIFT and VISA Connect B2B. Visa B2B Connect is designed to simplify and streamline cross-border B2B payments by utilizing blockchain technology to enhance transparency, security, and speed.
  • Upload the remittance supporting document online during the payment initiation **

**Only available in the new iBiz Muamalat

  • Download the customized report based on the user preferences.
  • Scheduled report generation.

Recognizing the significance of Signing Authority, we have implemented the following roles to incorporate dual-control in verifying and authenticating transactions, thereby ensuring a secure transaction process.

  1. Observer
    Observer perform account enquiry and non monetary transactions on assigned accounts, i.e. view account balance, view and download e statements and enquire cheque status.
  2. Maker
    Makers execute monetary and non-monetary transactions for assigned accounts and services.
  3. Checker (Optional)
    Checker review and verify monetary and non monetary transactions with 2-Factor Authentication (Token). , before submitting to Authoriser for approval.
  4. Authoriser
    Authorisers approve all the monetary and non monetary transactions with 2-Factor Authentication (Token). (as mandated by the company).
  5. Releaser (Optional)
    Releasers release the monetary transactions approved by Authoriser(s).

You have been granted Administration access, providing complete control over your company’s user maintenance remotely, eliminating the need to visit any of our branches. This includes tasks such as creating or editing access for Viewer and Maker roles, managing user profiles, and monitoring user activities.

Services Non SME SME
Monthly Charges Enquiry Mode (Account Inquiry Only) 40.00 Waived
Full Mode (Account Inquiry + Transaction) 20.00 Waived
Pay to Own Account & BMMB 3 rd Party Free
Interbank – GIRO (Per transaction) 0.10
RENTAS (Per transaction) 4.00 2.00
DuitNow (Payment To Account/Proxy) Waived Waived
Foreign Outward Transfer / Cross Border Fund Transfer (Per transaction) 35.00
Statutory Body Payment Free
e-Statement Free
SMS Notification (Per transaction) 0.20
Token Free
Token renewal (every 2 years) – per Authorizer 100.00 Waived
Token Replacement 160.00 Waived
Online Training Waived

How to Apply

  • Step 1

    Download and fill up iBiz Application Form

  • Step 2

    Download and complete the Board Resolution

  • Step 3

    Submit to our nearest branches or talk to your relationship manager to apply.

Need Guidance?

User Guide
(iBiz Muamalat)


User Guide
(New iBiz Muamalat)




We also offer online training sessions, available to all our valued clients on a group basis. To register, please email with the details of your company and the attendees (applicable only to successfully registered customers).

Note: Please refrain from sharing any confidential account information during these sessions.

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