iBiz Muamalat

iBiz Muamalat is the corporate internet banking service designed as a one-stop-channel to facilitate our corporate customers growing business needs. iBiz Muamalat offers intuitive, end-to-end solutions that allows you for a better control and visibility of your cash management, thus helping you to manage a diversity of your monetary activities


Access to account information at your convenience
Secured and safe
Helps you streamline your day-to-day work processes
System integrate and custom ready with your company’s accounting system

iBiz Muamalat

Our Services
  1. Corporate Back Office

    Accessible by Corporate Back Office Administrator and Corporate Back Office Authorizer. Main functions are :

    • Create user groups
    • Create user profiles
    • Setup workflow (approval matrix)
    • Register favourite accounts
    • Corporate daily limit setup
    • Reporting view
  2. Account Management

    Why you need to call your branch for balance and statement request while you can self-enquire your cash positions and assets at your convenience.

    Functions Description
    Account Overview View account balances, cheque floating, cashline facility amount and earmarked amount.
    Transaction History Historical transaction captured in the company’s account and viewable for current month plus last 5 months.
    e-Statement Download and view current and last 5 months company statement through PDF format
    Auto Reconciliation Automate your account settlement via our variety of auto reconciliation format with variety of frequencies
  3. Cheque Management
    Cheque management now even easier. You can enquire your cheque issuance status, perform cheque book request and stop cheque payment.
  4. Fund Transfer

    Control you fund through our Fund Transfer service:

    • Own Account Transfer & 3rd Party Transfer 
    • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
    • FPX
    • DuitNow
    • RENTAS
    • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer
    • Bill Payment via JomPAY
    • Instant Transfer
  5. Standing Instruction
    Set and scheduled your monetary activities at your own control and convenience.
  6. Bulk Transfer
    Allows you to initiate Intrabank (pay to Bank Muamalat), IBG, Rentas and salary payment through one bulk submission instead single transaction.
  7. Statutory Board to EPF and SOCSO
    Streamline your company payroll management throughout our EPF and SOCSO statutory board payment services.
  8. Collection Receivable
    Be our collecting biller throughout FPX B2B and JomPAY Biller Bank services.
Getting Started – A Quick Guide
Fill and complete iBiz Muamalat application form and required document, and submit to your home branch. Visit our branch for the form or download from link
User ID and Password will be sent to your email (and 2FA USB Token for Authorizer) upon confirmation from your home branch.
New iBiz Muamalat -Login to Login using User ID and Password provided.
iBiz Muamalat -Login to Login using User ID and Password provided.
First time user will be asked to change to own password.
Key in TAC number from your mobile phone and click submit
System log out and re-login using User ID with changed password
You may start using iBiz Muamalat!
Security Tips
  • Disable auto-complete function on your browser.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone
  • Never use the same password for other web-based services
  • Change your password regularly
  • Change your password immediately if you suspect suspicious activity
  • Before entering your User ID and PIN, check that the site you are visiting belongs to iBiz Muamalat by verifying that the URL displayed in the Internet browser is correct
  • Ensure iBiz Muamalat URL is preceded by “https” and there should be a security icon that looks like a lock or key on the Internet browser
  • Use the latest Internet browser for updated security features
  • Avoid storing User ID, Password and USB Token Pin in your browser’s cache
  • Avoid using shared, public computers and public Wi-Fi to access iBiz Muamalat
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is updated regularly against the latest Trojan viruses

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