Rescheduling and Restructuring (R&R) program

We’re here for you, ready to alleviate your financial difficulties

Our Rescheduling and Restructuring (R&R) program is designed to assist our individual/business customers, offering relief from financial challenges and helping them regain control of their finances for ‘Better Lives, Together.

How can our Rescheduling & Restructuring (R&R) Program help you?


This involves changing payment terms without changing the existing terms and conditions of the financing facility. It reduces monthly payments and may extend the financing period if applicable.


This involves modifications to the main terms and conditions of the financing facility, requiring a new agreement (aqad). It encompasses substantial changes, including a revised selling price and updated documentation.

Note: Our team will evaluate your current financial situation and provide an appropriate solution for your retail/commercial (SME customer) financing facilities with us.


Eligibility (Individual)

All types of individual financing

  • Reduced salary or
  • Loss of source of income, but considered still capable of making installment payments when reschedule
  • Customers not bankrupt
  • Customers not enrolled in any AKPK program.


Eligibility (Commercial Customer)

All types of commercial customer financing

  • All types of business financing under Sole-proprietor, Partnership, and Private Limited Company registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • Loss or reduction in source of income/cash inflow but considered still capable of making instalment payments when reschedule
  • Customer’s not bankrupt
  • Customer’s not enrolled in any AKPK program


How to Apply?

Fill in below forms and email the completed forms with supporting documents to


Appendix 1: Rescheduling Application Form

Download here

Appendix 2: Statutory Declaration Letter (for those without payslip or bank statement)

Download here

Customer Declaration for Commercial (SME Customer)

Download here


For further assistance, reach out to our Customer Care, today.


Or, you may also visit any of our branches nationwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Find answers in our Frequently Asked Questions below:

FAQ on Rescheduling & Restructuring Program for Individuals

Download here

FAQ on Rescheduling & Restructuring Program for Commercial (SME Customer)

Download here


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