Muamalat Gold-i

No Fees & Charges Amount (RM)
1. Service Charge for exchange of denomination of the gold RM5
No Fees & Charges Amount (RM)
1. Conversion fee for the conversion of gold (Gold Account to Physical Gold) The Conversion Fee is subject to the fluctuation of the gold prices. The formula for Conversion Fee is as per below:-

Conversion Fee= (Physical Gold "Bank Sell" Price - Gold Account "Bank Sell" Price) x Denomination
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AUSTRALIAN DOLLARAUD3.1600003.0110002.995000
BRUNEI DOLLARBND3.6090003.4530003.442000
CANADIAN DOLLARCAD3.5290003.4060003.389000
SWISS FRANCCHF5.3720005.1420005.124000
EURO EUR5.2560004.9680004.946000
STERLING POUNDGBP6.1090005.8620005.853000
NEW ZEALAND DOLLARNZD2.9700002.7590002.744000
SINGAPORE DOLLARSGD3.6090003.4670003.466000
UNITED STATES DOLLARUSD4.9300004.6780004.661000

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