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It is a well known fact that of all the precious metals, Gold is the most popular as an investment. Gold is an asset with various intrinsic qualities that make it unique. Even if we did not realize this fact, we nevertheless know that it is a valuable commodity.


  • Gold has a significant history in the Muslim world as well as other cultures throughout the globe
  • Gold is seen as one of the most valuable and desired forms of metal
  • Gold has significance, especially during times of economic crisis/stress

Significance of Gold

  • Gold is able to hold its value in the long run (long-term preserver of wealth)
  • Gold outperforms during periods of market stress. During periods of economic crisis, gold prices more than often rises, for example, during the crash of 2008 the prices of gold ended in a 5.5% gain.
  • Gold has no credit risk and derives its worth from intrinsic values, allowing it to be the ultimate safe haven asset during periods of market stress.
  • Gold exhibits minimal or no correlation with most other asset classes, making it a powerful tool for investment diversification

Factors affecting Gold

  • Value of the US Dollar – Due to gold being valued/priced in US Dollar, the value of the currency would have major impacts on gold prices. Hence, a strong US Dollar would ensure that gold prices are low, on the other hand, a weaker US Dollar would more than often lead to an increase in gold prices.
  • Political and Geopolitical changes – Gold could be regarded as a safe haven asset to possess during times of political and geopolitical risk. Historically, gold has performed better than any other high-quality liquid asset during periods of crisis.
  • Inflation – Gold has been historically proven to be an effective tool against inflation. Market studies has shown that inflation is one of the leading indicators to predict price of gold. The buying power of gold has been constantly strong in comparison to the weakening dollar in the last 40 years. During periods of inflation, there would usually be strong increase in gold prices due to increased demand.

Muamalat Gold-i Booklet 2020

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Muamalat Gold-i Flyers – BI

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Muamalat Gold-i Flyers – BM

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RM and Gold Weightage Table

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Muamalat Gold-i Physical

Investing For Your Future

The Bank’s Shariah compliant gold product which offers you the opportunity to own physical minted gold bars in a convenient and secured way. The Bank distributes 99.99% highest purity gold from the Perth Mint, Australia as accredited by the Chief Assayer and the London Bullion Metal Association (LBMA). Each minted gold bars are sealed in The Perth Mint tamper-evident casing backed with technical specification of the gold bar, its unique bar number and its Chief Assayer endorsement. Purchase at your convenience these secured and beautifully minted gold bars in denominations of 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g through any of our branches during operating hours.

Muamalat Gold-i Account

Long term investment for your future

The opportunity to invest in gold is now made easy with Muamalat Gold-i Account. With the convenience of purchasing gold from as low as RM10, flexibility to purchase gold online via i-muamalat retail internet banking 24 hours a day and assurance that the bars are securely kept by the Bank, Muamalat Gold-i Account provides the perfect alternative to your investment options.

Begin your gold investment journey today with Muamalat Gold-i Account, recipient of the prestigious 2018 Wealth & Society (London) award for ‘Best Alternative Investment Asset in Malaysia (Shariah Compliant Gold Investment).

Note: The returns of Muamalat Gold-i are subject to the gold price fluctuations. Customer are advised to read and understand the product before making any investment / Pulangan Muamalat Gold-i adalah tertakluk pada turun naik harga emas. Pelangan adalah dinasihatkan untuk membaca dan memahami produk ini sebelum membuat sebarang pelaburan.

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