Debit Card-i Cashback

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1% Unlimited Cash Back at Groceries and Pharmacies with your Debit Card-i

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Campaign Period

01 March 2024 to 28 February 2025

Terms and Conditions

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AUSTRALIAN DOLLARAUD3.2090003.0490003.033000
BRUNEI DOLLARBND3.6270003.4600003.449000
CANADIAN DOLLARCAD3.5510003.4180003.401000
SWISS FRANCCHF5.3670005.1250005.107000
EURO EUR5.2910004.9880004.966000
STERLING POUNDGBP6.1510005.8860005.877000
NEW ZEALAND DOLLARNZD3.0110002.7900002.775000
SINGAPORE DOLLARSGD3.6270003.4740003.473000
UNITED STATES DOLLARUSD4.9140004.6500004.633000

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